Monday, April 14, 2008

Princess Castle Album

Album Design by Accent Scrapbooking Inc.
Album decorated by Tammie Kimray
Acrylic CASTLE Album
One-of-a-kind Acrylic Castle
made from top quaility 1/8" cast acrylic.
PRICE: $24.99


Tinabina said...

I saw your sand castle in person today at GASC and was totally blown away!! (As was everyone else in the booth when they saw it!) It was gorgeous! Can you create this as a kit or tell what rub ons and paper lines you used for it? It was by the far the most awe inspiring piece that I saw at the show.

Accent Scrapbooking said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I love to design... I am still in Texas but hoping to be home next week around the 22nd. I will put a list together of items used for both castles and get it posted. It was wonderful to meet you in Arlington. Hope to see you next year. I will have something new to share at the show. Blessings, Susan

jo said...

I bought many things from you in Glendale, including a castle. I went to Mesa today to see the display castle (I'm not as creative as you), but didn't see you. I was hoping you could post more detailed photos and directions of the castle please. Thanks.

Accent Scrapbooking said...

Hi Jo,
No, I was not able to be in Mesa. Maybe next year... I do have the princess castle posted in my gallery. Will that help? If not email me at and I will send you some jpeg pictures. Please let me know how I can help!

Artes Laura said...

i love the colors and great project.
kisses Erika