Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We get asked all the time why can't I punch holes in your acrylic with my binding machine!

Acrylic albums in various shapes and forms are one of the hottest new products in the scrapbook industry. Yet, very little is known about the characteristics of acrylic materials.
There are three different manufacturing processes for acrylic and each has their good and bad points.
The least expensive material made is called extruded acrylic. It is produced by an automated method that involves die blocks and rollers. It is the process that is used to produce large quantities of commodity type acrylic. The downside is that it is the softest of the acrylics and exhibits the least clarity. This product is more susceptible to scratching and cloudiness.
The next most expensive process is called continuous cast. It is also an automated process but employs stainless steel belts. This process is also used to produce large quantities of material but it is of better quality and clarity than extruded acrylic.
Accent Scrapbooking uses only cell cast acrylic. This is a “handmade” process that involves pouring acrylic materials into a mold and then is placed into curing tanks and curing ovens. The downside to this material is that it’s the most expensive process. The upside is that it has the greatest optical clarity and has greater surface hardness than the other methods of manufacture. Cell cast acrylic will resist scratching better because of this hardness. It is considered archival quality and some of the common uses for this product are aquariums, picture frame “glass” and museum displays. We at Accent feel that you will achieve better and longer lasting results with this material. Because of the increased hardness, you will not be able to punch holes or use any of the binding machines that are on the market. If you are able to punch holes in your current acrylic albums, it is likely to be extruded acrylic. We are developing a line of albums that are pre-cut for the utilization of wire binding systems. Keep your eye on our website for these new album designs.
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